Thierry is originally from Touraine, France, where he got his start at the age of 16 at Restaurant Le Colombier in Ligueil under the tutelage of Chef Roger Gauthier, whose inspiration can still be observed in the refinement of some of Thierry’s dishes.  At 18, Thierry set off on a six-year adventure, perfecting his profession with the guidance of renowned chefs in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He arrived in Montreal during the year of the ice storm to start out as chef at Opus II, the restaurant at the Westin Mont Royal. Next stop Quebec City, where he progressed at the prestigious Laurie & Raphael under Chef Daniel Vézina. Back in Montréal, he did a stint at Ferreira Café and helped open Vasco De Gama. Thierry took over as Chef of the famous Jongleux Café in 2001, which was then renamed Le Chorus. He also participated in opening Confusion Tapas du Monde in 2003, which led to the creation of Vertige in 2005. He is fulfilling a lifelong dream with his wife Fadia.




Maitre d’hotel

Fadia was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She crossed the Atlantic with her family at the age of eight to settle in Montreal. She has been interested in the restaurant and hotel business since a very young age. Determined to follow her passion, she studied at College Lasalle in Montreal. During the subsequent years she worked as dining room manager and restaurant assistant in the city’s best hotels, from the Vogue to the Westin Mont Royal to the charming Hôtel du Fort, where she truly cut her teeth in the hotel business. She perfected her restaurant expertise by working in celebrated bistros like Chez Lévesque. She and her husband Thierry followed their dreams and opened Vertige in 2005.



This duo is supported by the devoted, dynamic team that is Jérémy, Tangi, Isabelle, Cécile, Fred, Martine and, last but not least, Minouche. Everyone shares the Vertige philosophy, which is to make your time with us a true experience.